Installation Guide

Dörte Multitool

Tool list

For the correct mounting of the Dörte Multitool you need the following tools.

Bringing in the handle

Place the tool head on the ground and insert the handle with the cone into the shaft. The lines of the wood grain should point towards the hoe. Press the handle lightly by hand. Make sure from several sides that the handle is in alignment with the shank (vertical). Now you can use a hammer to drive the handle all the way in with driving blows. Ash wood is extremely robust and the handle tolerates a slight oversize. Therefore, it is recommended to put some WD40/ lubricant in the shaft before inserting the handle.

CAUTION: Align the handle with lines of wood grain so that they point to the hoe. This will extend the life of the handle enormously, as more stability is needed there.

Handle control

When bringing in the handle, it slides snugly into the shaft of the tool head. If a chip forms at the root, you should correct the alignment during insertion.

Check the seat

Check if the handle is completely brought into the inside of the tool head before proceeding to the next step.

Check unclamping length

Clamp the 4 mm drill bit approx 10 mm shorter than the length of the screw shaft.

Drill front side

Now drill a hole in the center of the opening using the entire length of the drill bit.

Our tip: Pre-pierce the center with a Phillips screwdriver to center the drill.

Check drilling

Visual inspection of the hole.

Fix front side

Now place the Spax wood screw in the shaft with a T40 tool until it is completely countersunk.

Check the screw

The screw should now sit snugly in the cone.

Shaft drilling

Drill a through hole through the existing hole at a right angle with the 6mm drill bit and deburr the drilled hole and the new hole at the exit end. If your tool has 2 holes in the shaft, or in case you need to replace the shaft later, it is best to drill from both sides to the middle of the shaft.

Screwing the shaft

Insert the M6 bolt into the hole and fasten the nut incl. one washer per side with the 5mm socket wrench and the 10mm open-end wrench until the nut is in place. Since this screw only serves as an anti-rotation device for the handle, it does not need to be tightened strongly.

Please do not use force, otherwise the shaft will be deformed!


Your Dörte Multitool is now ready to use!

Post a quick picture to make your friends jealous and then hit the trail!

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