Frequently asked questions

Why are the shipping costs so high?

Unfortunately, packages with 160 cm are rather the exception at the delivery services. Because they have to be handled by hand, our parcel service unfortunately requires corresponding surcharges. We forward the costs 1 to 1 and do not pack them indirectly in our product prices.

Maximum number of multitools per package?

Our shipping box for the multitool is designed for up to 4 tools. If more tools are needed, another shipping box will be necessary. 

Other handle for multitool possible?

Of course, it is possible to use a different handle. To do this, simply buy the tool head separately. The shaft holder of the Dörte Multitool has an inner diameter of 36 mm.

Dismountable version?

A demountable version of the proven multitool is currently in the works. We are confident to be able to present a first demountable version in the foreseeable future. Just follow us on the social channels to not miss any information.

Can i test the Multitools?

Of course, we have a test tool ready for you. You can test with us and also borrow it for a short time.

General delivery times?

If our items are in stock and the order is received before 4pm, they are usually shipped the next business day. Express shipping is theoretically also possible, but will not be faster. If you still want it, please contact us vor Kaufabschluss.


We are convinced of our products and offer for this, in addition to the statutory warranty, 2 years warranty on breakage of the weld seams. The chamfers of the tools can become blunt over time. These can be re-sharpened, e.g. with an angle grinder (Flex).

I have drilled incorrectly, what can i do?

No problem! Simply shorten the handle by a few centimeters. Make sure that the cut edge at the end of the handle is clean.

Which beer to work?

Dörte Multitools was founded in Swabia, we are proud of that. That's why we prefer regional beer against thirst. Beer with the german purity law tastes better when it has been opened with the multitool ;-)