Dörte Kompakttool „Black Edition“

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– 1x tool head of your choice
– 1x aluminum segment 420mm
– 2x fibre glas segment 500mm


The Dörte compact tool is our flagship. Because of the dismountable handle, it can be perfectly fitted in a backpack and easily transported. All our tool heads, can be attached to the handle by a quick change.

Our multitool heads are a further development of the tried and tested McLeod and are the first choice when it comes to creating and maintaining trails and tracks.

The Dörte multi-hoe is a perfect complement to the classic Multitool series and is designed to create and maintain water gutters, extract foreign bodies from the ground or perform rough earthwork in small spaces.

The Dörte multi rake is the logical new development based on a robust rake. It is particularly suitable for maintaining existing trails and tracks.

The handle is a combination of absolute comfort even during hard use and robust segment directly on the tool head. An absolutely indestructible all-rounder that must not be missing in any application.

The tool has the following functions depending on the tool head:

  • Hoe - Roots and consolidated soil do not stand a chance against the sharp chamfers
  • Rake - Whether foliage, soil top layer, branches or larger dislodged stones, the prongs reliably work themselves free
  • Ground compactor - Due to the large surface area, the soil can be easily compacted
  • Puller - Leveling or pulling off excess material is absolutely convenient in combination with the long handle
  • Furrow puller - with the stable corners, water drainage channels can be drawn in quickly and precisely
  • Bottle opener - From now on no one dies of thirst at work  😉


  • hard-wearing tool head with resharpenable chamfers
  • dismountable high-tech handle, total length 145cm
  • total light weight: multitool 2500g, multitool mini 2580g, multitool light 3070g, multirake 3300g

Scope of delivery:

  • tool head of your choice
  • dismountable handle, 1x aluminum segment 420mm, 2x fibre glas segment 500mm

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions167 × 30 × 23 cm

Kompakttool "Frankfurter Schaufel", Kompakttool "Holländer Schaufel", Kompakttool "Multihacke", Kompakttool "Multirechen", Kompakttool "Multitool Light", Kompakttool "Multitool Mini"


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