Dörte Multicarrier

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Solid carrying system for rocks and wood - ideal for transporting materials during trail building or trail maintenance.

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The Dörte Multicarrier is the answer in the field to the question, how do you get this stone from here to there, or how do you lift wood from A to B? A robust carrying system made of high-strength safety harness combined with comfortable lifting characteristics. It doesn't matter if it's two people or 4 people. The load is always evenly distributed and can be moved well controlled. Also with this product we set on domestic production and use regional suppliers. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


The carrier has the following functions:

  • wide belt - Stones, wood and other objects lie perfect in the wide belt mesh and cannot slip out of place
  • round handles - The comfort grips reliably prevent the belt from cutting into the skin


  • durable belt system with a total diameter of 3.2 m
  • compact packing size, fits in any backpack
  • completely MADE IN GERMANY - Swabian Alb region

Scope of delivery:

  • Carrying system ready to use


Note: The Multicarrier is not designed for machine use, even though the belt is certified for several tons breaking load (single layer). By hand use, the load handling regulation should always be observed.

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