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Tool head of the proven Dörte Multirake

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The Dörte Multirake is the logical new development based on a robust rake. It is particularly suitable for maintaining existing trails and routes. In contrast to a conventional rake, our concept has many advantages. Up to now, those who use a classic rake missed a larger area for moving the material. If there were unwanted foreign bodies in the ground, the rake was previously used as a hoe, which sooner or later destroyed it. This is now a thing of the past, because we have the solution, the indestructible multirake.

Note: The multirake is only suitable to a limited extent for creating a trail. Vertical strokes to compact the soil should be avoided due to the width. For this we clearly recommend our Dörte Multitool.

The rake has the following functions:

  • Rake - Whether foliage, soil top layer, branches or larger dislodged stones, the prongs reliably work themselves free
  • Puller - Leveling, modeling or pulling off excess material is absolutely comfortable in combination with the long handle
  • Cut-Funktion - the sturdy hoe at the end of the rake can be used to quickly and precisely work out smaller disturbing factors from the ground
  • Bottle opener - From now on no one dies of thirst at work  😉


  • heavy duty tool head in 50cm width with resharpenable chamfers
  • 2 kg total light weight

Scope of delivery:

  • Tool head suitable for the compact tool

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions160 × 30 × 23 cm


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