Simon Messinger - Gründer von Dörte Tools - Trailbau Werkzeug für Mountainbiker

About us

I am Simon Messinger, founder of Dörte Tools. My mission is to make trail building more effective and easier. As a passionate mountain biker, i have already build the one or the other project in the field of mountainbiking. Most recently the online map Mybikemap and the small fashion label Alpen Homies.

Over 20 years of experience in machine engineering, the penchant for perfection and precision, combined with the best materials, allow the very best tools for trail building on the market.

Established since 2018

Dörte Tools was already created in 2017 in the mind, with the target to bring a tool for trail building and maintenance to the German and Central European market, without having to resort to overseas products. This saves costs in shipping, fees in customs and protects the environment thanks to short transport routes. This turned into an official foundation in 2018. Since then, there are officially Dörte Tools - tools that perfectly support you in trail building. With our success and high quality, we have now also made us a name outside of Europe. Dörte Tools supplies customers worldwide, from America to Asia. We are very proud of that.

Highest quality, with the best possible service, has been our top priority since the beginning.

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